Kai Will Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. For many years, we have invested a large number of manpower and funds on this company to research and develop the seal packing for food containers. Kai Will has a 100% self-owned technology and has ISO 9001 quality recognition. Kai Will is the largest professional manufacturer on sealing machines in Taiwan. Her products are exported worldwide to the USA, Europe, Australia, Southeastern Asia and China.

Today Kai Will always walks ahead in the new era to design the machines to meet the requirement of environmental protection, easy operation and the sanitary purpose. She will continue investing in the field of packaging for food and beverage processing. She wants to develop the products which meet market’s demand. Kai Will stands on solid ground to work, like walking step by step. She knows that only the real quality excellent in performance and pretty in shape machines can satisfy the customers and enable the company for a sustainable development. Kai Will’s business policy is “Quality First and Customer First”. She moves toward the idea of sustainable development so that both business owners as well as consumers benefit from our equipment.

All the company members are full with confidence for the future. They work very hard to meet the future challenge.

Most professional sealing machine factory

pearl milk tea special equipment:

a.Professionally designed sealing machine, microcomputer and semi-mechanical and full mechanical three options.

b.close friends of design b. fructose machine, 0.5-300cc, can be set freely.

c.shook machine uses mechanical inertial rotation principle, with a small operating noise, low vibration, ease of use.

sealing machine equipment:

a. sealing solutions of any shape of the container.

b. filling a variety of oils, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food and other non-particle objects.

c. aluminum foil sealing machine, high power output, continuous rapid production.