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Sealing machine for Food’s container

The suitable material for the container can be PP, PE, PET, paper etc., and suitable for all kinds of beverage, vegetable, agricultural products, aquatic product, meat, dried fruit and other foods' packing. And the suitable material for the film can be PET/PP or PET/PE, and easy-open film etc.
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Sealing machine for Beverage cup

For beverage cup sealing , such as, milk tea with pearl, juice ,soda water, koda, ice-cream ,etc. The suitable types of sealing film are :PP film, PE film and easy peeling film. The suitable containers for sealing are PP PET. and paper cup.
Why choose Us?

Manufacture and sell of Shaking machine and Quantitative syrup filler

Shaking machine and Quantitative syrup filler are suitable for Pearl milk tea, bubble black tea and similar mixed drinks

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