K-250SE Fully Automatic Desktop Sealing Machine


Wrapping bond paper set up

Maintenance and Lubrication


◎Product Characteristics:

Desktop automatic sealing machine K-250SE is relay-controlled.
The machine is made of aluminum alloy structure through oxidation treatment. With compact structure, it is durable and sanitary.
The patent automatic running system and packing out system, suitable for any kinds of containers. It is convenient to put and to take out the cup.
With anthropomorphized safety construction design, the machine can prevent the nonself from machine and serum the original position.
Micro-computer automatic cruise detection system and locate film to ensure high precision in sealing.

◎Technicl Data:

Product Model K-250SE 
Voltage (V/Hz) 110/220/50/60
Power (W) 300
Sealing Range (mm) ∮95
Machine Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 420*250*600
Weight (KG)  27
Capacity (PSC/HR)  300~400

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