K-300 Bowl’s Sealing Machine for Food Container

operation of panel

Maintenance and lubrication

Film Replacement


◎Product Characteristics:

Surface oxidation treated aluminum alloy makes the machine sanitary, sturdy and durable.
The mature technology ensures the machine a stable performance with good price.
Micro-controlled system with film detection ensures high precision in sealing.
Anthropomorphized design which can stop the foreign materials going inside the machine makes it both sanitary and easy and safe to operate with the function of automatic reset.
The patent transmission system and cup in-and-out device is applied to almost all kinds of containers with a fast and convenient container placing and ejection.
Automatic count of the sealed containers saves the operators both a lot of time and effort.

◎Technicl Date:

Product Model K-300
Voltage (V/Hz) 110/220/50/60
Power (W) 500
Sealing Range (mm) ∮120~140
Machine Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 470*300*645
Weight (KG) 45
Capacity (PSC/HR)  300~400

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