K-255 Large Cup (¢120 gauge) Sealing Machine

Operation Procedure and Setting

maintenance and lubrication

Wrapping bond paper set up


◎Product Characteristics:

  • Desktop automatic sealing machine K-255 is relay-controlled.
  • The machine is made of aluminum alloy structure through oxidation treatment. With compact structure, it is durable and sanitary.
  • The patent automatic running system and packing out system, suitable for any kinds of containers. It is convenient to put and to take out the cup.
  • With anthropomorphized safety construction design, the machine can prevent the nonself from machine and serum the original position.
  • Micro-computer automatic cruise detection system and locate film to ensure high precision in sealing.

◎Technicl Data:

Product Model K-255 
Voltage (V/Hz) 110/220/50/60
Power (W) 500
Sealing Range (mm) ∮120
Machine Dimension (L*W*H) (mm)  470*300*540
Weight (KG) 33
Capacity (PSC/HR)  300~400

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